The DDC CEO Committee

To anchor the diversity strategy firmly in the corporate structure, it is essential to engage the top management of the partner companies. This way, the commitment to solving the challenges of gender disparity will be put on the agenda of the board meetings and, as such, become embedded in the long-term strategy; seen as a wise investment for the business at large.

We have therefore established the Danish Diversity Council CEO Committee, which meets twice a year. At these meetings, the member companies share findings and goals; experts are flown in from abroad and a political dialogue is welcomed, and facilitated through advisors - again to optimize corporate structuring to ensure diverse leadership in Danish business.

When joining the DDC CEO Committee, there are obvious strategic and budget-saving advantages as research can be conducted jointly and the partners will also gain centralised access to research from international partners and institutes.

The executives of the DDC CEO Committee and the HR Directors as well as the talented rising female stars, will also be invited to the annual, international Womenomics Business Conference, around the theme 'Unleashing women's financial power and leadership potential by letting the Nordic diversity mindset inspire growth'.