The Danish Diversity Council

It is with great pleasure that we invite your company to join The Danish Diversity Council, where the corporate partners will be able to take gender diversity to the next level; both impacting and truly leading this important agenda.

Together we will develop and promote the future generation of strong and competent female leaders. In Denmark, women account for only 9% of corporate executive boards and 23% of non-executive board positions. Only 28% manager positions are taken by women – ranking Denmark as # 63 among 126 countries (as stated in research made by the International Labour Organization Report).

On a global scale, narrowing the gender gap in the workforce would add as much as $ 12 trillion to the worldwide annual GDP in 2025, according to McKinsey & Co's ‘Women Matter: 10 Years of Insights into Gender Diversity’ Report. In March 2015, the Danish Business Authority published a report outlining which companies should be subject to the laws around gender equality, and outlining targets and policies concerning Women in Senior Managements, Executive Boards and in the Board Rooms. Now the business community must deliver results.

Above & Beyond has therefore created The Danish Diversity Council, which includes the partners: McKinsey & Company, Maersk, PwC, Tryg, Coloplast, Gorrissen Federspiel, Radiometer, The Foreign Ministry, Microsoft, Dansk Erhverv, Board Network, Lederne and AVT Business School. The key objectives are to finally utilize the total talent pool and strategically build a more long-term pipeline for women leaders, while leveraging learnings and international “best practice” cases from the countries leading the way in terms of board room diversity.

The Danish Diversity Council has been established to apply the very best of global research into gender equality to leadership development, and is also offering the member companies a new tailor-made Advanced Leadership Program with international professors from the top universities. In addition, a Cross-Industry Mentor Program has been created to provide the next generation of female leaders with mentors and role models from across the Danish, and European, business community.

It is time to stop debating the matter and take strategic action in order to really make a difference. In combining forces, we will reach the necessary tipping point to create a real momentum for gender parity in Denmark - and potentially beyond the national boarders.

We very much look forward to jointly developing the future generation of female leaders.